The Testimony of an Ancient Tunnel by John Moore

The water was cold and the tunnel was small’ so small that I walked for almost half of the way, hunched over and with shoulders touching each side of the tunnel wall. The tunnel traversed from left to right for over 580 yards until I once again saw the precious light of day. It was a walk through history that has been forever imprinted upon my mind.

Dug nearly 2,700 years ago, Hezekiah’s tunnel still carries water from the Gihon Spring, located in the Kidron Valley, just east of the ancient city of David, to the well-known Pool of Siloam. The tunnel is an ancient landmark and testimonial to a long-ago king of the nation of Judah.

In the eighth century before Christ, neighboring countries were threatening the borders of the once-united Israel and Judah. Judah, under the capable leadership of Hezekiah, built a reservoir and tunnel to bring water inside the walls of its capital city, Jerusalem (2 Kings 2:20; 2 Chronicles 32:3-4, 30). This tunnel ensured a constant supply of water for the city’s inhabitants during any possible lengthy siege of an opposing army. The planning and preparation paid off when, in the late eighth century B.C. the Assyrian monarch Sennacherib, moving through and conquering most of Palestine, encircled Jerusalem, caging it like a bird. However, Sennacherib failed to conquer Jerusalem or weaken its inhabitants, in part because they had a flourishing water supply and could remain indefinitely within the city walls. Jerusalem and the nation of Judah were ultimately spared, while their northern brothers (Israel) were taken captive.

The testimony of the ancient tunnel is one more proof of the Bible’s accuracy and validity. It demonstrates that the events and people of the Bible were real and credible. Not only does the tunnel exist, just as 2 Kings reveals, but the Bible accurately pinpoints its location as well. Second Chronicles 32:30 cites the flow of the water from east to west and places its pooling area west of the city of David. Archaeologists have excavated a part of the ancient city of David and its remnants and have placed its southern tip between the Gihon Spring and the Pool of Siloam. The pooling area would have been inside the wall of the city for easy access by the Jerusalem citizens. Today that pool still exists as it did in both Hezekiah’s reign and during the Lord’s public ministry. Once again, the Bible’s accuracy continues to be upheld. It is not only accurate in its general stories, but gives us detailed and specific information which can be verified even 2,700 years later.


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