JULY 4TH by Gary Greene

(Written for July 4th, 2004, and originally titled “Today…”)

…on this day of devotion to country, let us first be devoted to Christ.

…on this day of awesome fireworks, let us see the awesomeness of creation..

…on this day of celebrating political freedom, let us understand freedom from sin..

…as we remember the Declaration that began our country’s destiny, let us make our own declaration of eternal destiny..

…on this day of patriotism, let us practice holiness..

…on this day of picnics, let us hunger and thirst for righteousness..

…on this day of flag-waving, let us hold up the cross..

…on this day of sparklers, let your light shine..

…on this special day for Americans, let us be Christians

From midtowncofc.org


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