What About The Hen?

Sometime back some young fellow objected to the biblical account of creation, and informed an aged sister that he no longer accepted the Bible as true; he no longer believed in heaven; he had come to the conclusion that all matters are the result of evolutionary processes. This sister said to him that while she lacked his education opportunities, she would like to ask him a question or two: Would he please explain to her, which came first, the hen, or the egg?

He thought about it a moment, smiled at such an easy question, and said that anybody ought to know that the hen was first. Of course, the hen was first. She said to him, “Well, would you please tell me where that first hen came from, since, according to your own view, it didn’t grow up from a chicken, and was not hatched from an egg? How do you account for the origin of that first hen?” His brow knitted in perplexity; and he said that he had decided his first answer was a bit hasty; he hadn’t given proper attention to the question; had not thought it through. He felt sure now that, undoubtedly, the egg was first! Yes, certainly the egg was first. She said, “Do you mean to tell me that there was once a hen egg without a hen to lay it? Then in his confusion, she said this to him: “You can’t even explain to me the mere existence of a hen without a God, and yet you expect me to believe in the universe without Him”

Guy N. Woods


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