Absolute Rules For Living

Research shows over and over again that a person can avoid poverty by three simple rules. First, graduate from high school. Second, do not have a baby until you are married. Third, do not marry while you are a teenager. Facts, as they say, are stubborn things. But if these truths are followed, poverty is minimal.

When we baptize people, we usually form a “welcome circle” and have a prayer and give the new convert four simple rules to remain faithful and grow as a Christian. First, read your Bible every day (that’s connecting with God in the person’s direction). Second, pray every day (that’s connecting with God in His direction). Third, attend every assembly of the Lord’s church (that’s connecting with the people of God). Fourth, do your best to bring others to the Lord (that’s connecting with the lost world to save souls).

Most important rules of life are very simple. Their execution may not be easy at times, but they are certainly worth the effort.

Monte Ginnings


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