What Makes Right? by Stan Mitchell

When such questions as abortion and euthanasia come up, we are often told by well meaning acquaintances, “We can’t ban abortion! We must not legislate morality!”

Which raises a question: What happens when morality is no longer the basis for our laws? What takes its place?

My lifestyle? My happiness, and my happiness alone? What if my comfort is detrimental, even deadly to other human souls?

Legislation is all about our belief system. Legislation is on the books (so I’m told) to ban murder. Now where did that moral principle come from? There is also legislation against theft, false testimony (perjury as we call it these days) and so on.

Originally our laws came from an important moral code, the Ten Commandments. As one wit put it, these aren’t the “Ten Suggestions”! God commanded! Here is a moral code that goes beyond my selfishness!

So what happens when an elderly person becomes so sick that he is supposedly no longer a productive member of society? What happens when an unborn child becomes “like a total drag” on my lifestyle? What happens when life is cheapened in this way?

When laws are no longer based on morals. . .they become based on power! A parent is more powerful than the unborn. Surely no society should be run this way!

Some people worry that a political candidate’s religion will affect his politics; I worry that a political candidate’s lack of religion will affect his politics.

An ancient Jewish Rabbi reminds us that there is another reality:

“You are not your own,” he tells us, “you were bought at a price. So glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20, ESV).

There is a higher consideration than my stubborn will! That consideration is God’s sovereign will!



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