Bad Company

There was once a farmer who had a a real problem with crows in his corn field. Nothing he tried worked to keep them away. Even the scarecrow did not work. The man was very frustrated.

This farmer had a pet parrot that he kept inside all of the ttime. had learned to talk an- was a great source of as he was alone. One day the door was left open and the parrot flew outside.  He eventually ended up in the corn field with the crows.

Later in the day the farmer came into the yard from another part of his farm and noticed, in the corn field behind the house, a whole bunch of crows. He had had enough. He ran inside the house and got his shotgun. He then went into the corn field and started shooting and killing crows. After he finished, he decided to walk around and count how many he had killed. He was so proud of his accomplishment.

As he added up the total he came across the pet parrot that was lying on the ground at the point of death. The farmer was now distraught and asked the parrot what had caused his injuries which would cost him his life. The parrot answered, “Bad Company. ”

Bad company has been the downfall of many a good person. They never intended to be destroyed by their associations and, yet, as they continued these acquaintances they were, very slowly, being destroyed in spite of their original intent. The Bible warns, “Be not deceived: evil companionship corrupts good morals” (I Corinthians 15:33) One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with good people. They will help you to be better. And, at the very least, they will not bring you down.

For His cause, Tim Woodward

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