How Do You Hear The Gospel?

The freezing point is equally the melting point. Thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit is critical for either process. It all depends on which way things are going. If the temperature is falling, water will freeze at 32 degrees. If the temperature is rising, ice will melt at 32 degrees. The same temperature may either freeze or melt. Barely pass it, and you may get opposite results. That it is 32 degrees outside does not indicate whether it is freezing or melting.

The same individuals under precisely the same influences may produce exact opposites. Sitting under the Gospel will cause the spiritual thermometer to either rise or fall. It is growing either warmer or colder. At the critical point, some hearts melt, soften, relent, yield, give way, begin to flow in the channels of the divine will; but other hearts congeal, stiffen, harden, cease their better movements, stand still like a rock. With a rising temperature, the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation; but with a falling thermometer, it becomes a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.



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