Things Of Success For The Christian

There are those of the world who think the Christian is foolish for serving Christ.  They think those of us who teach, preach, and write about the blessings of Christians, and the unsearchable riches of Christ (Eph.3:8), to be exaggerating.  These generally have never read the Bible through, they have not seen first hand the life that Christians live, nor obeyed any of the Lord’s commands, either primary or life commands (Rom.8:1-2).

The world lives by it own ingenuity, worldly principles, and worldly lust (I Jn.2:15-17).  Those who are Christians live by faith, which comes from hearing God’s Word (Rom.10:17).  They acknowledge that they cannot guide their own steps from here to eternity, and need the Son of God to direct them (Matt.5:3,6).  They obey the primary commands of believing, repenting, confessing, and being baptized in order to enter into Christ or His church (Mk.16:15-16; Acts 2:38; II Cor.5:17).  They arise from baptism, the burial in water, to walk or live in newness of life, as they live and walk in the light of Truth (Rom.6:3-4; I Jn.1:7).   Notice with us in our study some things you will never see in the life of a Christian:  1. You will never see “the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread” (Psa.37:25).  David said he had been young, but now he was old, and yet he had not seen the righteous forsaken.  Though there are some good times and some bad in the life of a child of God, His providence always brightens our day and provides our needs (Matt.6:30-33).  Some may forsake God, but God has never failed to bless His children (Heb.13:5).  2. You will never see the child of God without the hope of eternity (Matt.25:46).  We are accountable human beings with spiritual talents given us of God (Matt.25:14-30).  We realize we are not rewarded just for having talents, but for using them, and our faithfulness brings hope to the soul (Rev.2:10).  3. One will never see a Christian forced to abandon his or her faith.  Yes, there will be trials of our faith as we are bombarded by unbelievers and skeptics, but the Truth of the Gospel sustains us (Jude 3; II Jn.1:9-11).  Satan has never won a battle over our commander Jesus Christ! (Matt.4:11I Cor.10:12-13).  Continuing in the Faith is a free-will choice which no one can remove, a resolve of determination to please our God, and through His Son to win the victory of faith (I Pet.1:9).  4. None will ever see a Christian fail at evangelism if they try.  The reason for this being the Lord takes us into partnership with Himself (II Cor.6:1).  It is ours to teach, preach, and write the Truth, and the Lord promises the increase (Matt.28:18-20).  These are but a few of the reasons for being a successful Christian!

–Gary Colley


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