Motherhood: Top Job

Woman has gained (or is it lost) footing and she now enters nearly every profession, most of which until recent years were know only to men. But along with woman’s elevation to respectable positions in the business world has come the temptation to neglect a top job – God-given, honorable, powerful and wonderful – and that is the many-faceted tasks of being a mother.

Being a mother doesn’t end with giving birth to a child, just as a man doesn’t neglect the business the day he is named manager of it. The real job is just ahead. Wearing the name and being worthy of that name are not the same.

CIRCUMSTANCES vary in every home but one thing is certain. If every mother would give her best to her children, even under the most difficult circumstances (problems in the home, limited time, etc.) her life would improve and her children would benefit.

MAY EVERY mother rate motherhood as her top job.

Bettye Nichols, Editor, Christian Woman, May 1963

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