Help From Unexpected Sources

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson commissioned Lewis and Clark to lead an expedition across an unexplored America to the Pacific coast, but it might have failed without help from unexpected sources. The expedition was called “Corps of Discovery” and it lived up to its name. It cataloged three hundred new species, identified nearly fifty Indian tribes, and traversed terrain that had never been seen by Europeans.

They were joined along the way by a French fur trader and his wife Sacajawea. They soon found her to be invaluable as an interpreter and guide. During the trip, Sacajawea was reunited with her family. Her older brother had become the tribe’s chief, and he helped the explorers acquire horses and a map of the uncharted West. Without Sacajawea’s and her brother’s unexpected help, the expedition might not have succeeded.

The Bible tells of an expedition that also received help from unexpected sources (Joshua 2:1–14). The Israelites had sent spies into Jericho, a city in the land promised to them. Rahab agreed to ensure their escape in exchange for her family’s protection when Jericho fell. In this way the sovereign God of grace used her to prepare the way for a victory in Israel’s conquest and settlement of the Promised Land.

Are we in the middle of a challenge? Let’s remember that God can provide help from unexpected sources.  —Mike Riley

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