Free From A Past Failure

“Benedict Arnold” has become a byword in the English language. John Mark almost made such a name for himself—the name “quitter.” He was the one who turned back from following Paul on his first missionary journey (Acts 15:36–40).

Though we remember that outstanding failure in Mark’s career, we also recall that he was young. More important, we realize his claim to fame is in the second book of the New Testament which bears his name.

You may be living in the shadow of past failure or of some bad mistake. A memory of this kind has the power to slowly paralyze us. If we let this happen, others will know us for our past failures and present incapacity for creative work.

The memory of our past and the knowledge of Christ’s forgiveness should motivate us to try all the harder to contribute something good. Forgetting our past—failures and successes—is a good beginning toward the future God plans for us. —Dewey Boyd

Read Philippians 3:13–15. (From Glad Tidings of Good Things)

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