Where Two Seas Meet

From the title you might conclude this is a lesson in geography. This is not the case. In Acts 27:41, we find a description of the plight of Paul and his fellow-passengers on his voyage to Rome. The ship ran aground where the seas from the south and the north of the island met. Thus, a cross-current wrecked the ship.

How many moral and spiritual shipwrecks have come in much the same way. Figuratively, the seas of life meet in many ways to the loss of those caught. Note some seas that meet, and note the savage harm done:

A Wrong Act to Oppose Another Wrong Act. How many times have you heard someone say, “This may not be right, but what he (or she) did is not right either!” Here you have two seas meeting to destroy one’s soul. Note the language of Romans 12:20-21: One is not to be overcome of evil, but “overcome evil with good.” If you choose evil methods to combat evil, you lose.

A wrong act cannot remedy another wrong act. Peter was ready to kill the people who came for Christ in the garden (Matthew 26:50-53), and nothing could have suited Satan more, but Jesus would not stoop to the devil’s methods.

When Samuel felt rejected because the people wanted a king, he still prayed for Israel (1 Samuel 12:23). Samuel would not use wrong methods to oppose them.

Ignorance Meets Religious Error. When people will not seek to be informed, they will be ignorant. This ignorance is willful (Hosea 4:6). When people reject knowledge (Hosea 4:8Romans 1:28), they can blame nobody but themselves.

When false teachers find such conditions, they have a field day. They can lead such people into almost anything. The blind leading the blind, both fall into the ditch (Matthew 15:14). Note the crowd that came to Jesus in Matthew 22:23. They believed there is no resurrection. They presented a hypothetical question, bringing up the supposed case of a woman who had married seven brothers in succession. This was according to the Levirate law—when one died, she married another brother. They just knew Jesus could not solve this complex problem and defend a resurrection! However, Jesus showed them that their problem was in their ignorance of God’s power and of the Scriptures (Matthew 22:29-30). Suppose Jesus had not known the Scriptures. What then? Error would have been triumphant.

When a false teacher comes along now, does not the same danger exist? What causes people to be swept into the neo-Pentecostal movement, for example? Error and ignorance meet. Havoc is wrought when this occurs.

Liberalism Meets Arrogance and Dissatisfaction. Watch a liberal operate within a church. He (or she) will seek a weak or disgruntled member. If he can find those who feel neglected, he will befriend them to win their confidence. As Absalom of old, he will “steal their hearts” (2 Samuel 15:6). When those forces meet, you can see the beginning of discord and confusion. James described them as “sensual, demonic” (James 3:15). This cunning deceit serves no good purpose.  Watch your attitude, for liberals wait for you to become disenchanted; and they will tell you how bad the church, the elders, and the status quo are.

Be on Guard! “Where two seas meet” shipwrecks take place. Do not allow your soul to become part of the debris (1 Corinthians 10:12).  —Winfred Clark

(Glad Tidings of Good Things, HTH)

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