• Spend five minutes of prayer in which you do nothing but praise Him (Psalm 22:3).
  • Do something for Him that requires you to step out of your comfort zone—initiate a conversation with a stranger or give a tract to a coworker you’ve been talking with.
  • Have a devotional with your family.
  • Call a shut-in; stop by and visit a widow(er).

  • Write a missionary, expressing appreciation and giving encouragement.
  • Anonymously give a sacrificial amount of money for a family in need or someone dependent upon support (school of preaching student or teacher, or a missionary).
  • Contact an elder and ask him how you can encourage the elders in their work.
  • Make a list of at least twenty blessings God has given specifically to you.
  • Speak to someone at church services you have never spoken to before.
  • Put a packet with bottled water and a granola bar, along with a tract, into a Ziploc bag to give to the person at the intersection asking for assistance.
  • Pick out a Bible book you are unfamiliar with and look for keywords, purpose statement, and other clues to better understand it. Take detailed notes.
  • Pray for someone you are having problems with—an enemy or critic, for example.
  • Alone or with your spouse and/or children, sing several songs of praise and admonition.
  • Carry a meal to a young mother who has had a difficult day.
  • Give a big smile and warm greeting to a fellow shopper, employee, or waitress.
  • Ask the secretary for a list of Sunday’s visitors and send each one a warm, brief note.
  • Think of an area for spiritual improvements in your life and ask God to help you focus on it, being transparent and sincere as you petition Him.
  • Ask the person closest to you (parent, spouse, sibling) something you can pray about on his/her behalf.
  • Invite a family from church you don’t know well over for dinner. —Neal Pollard, Denver, Colorado
  • (housetohouse.com)



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