A Book Review by By Steve Higginbotham

The church of our Lord is going through a very difficult period of time. Many individuals and congregations are charting new courses that are taking people away from the old paths set forth in God’s word. Some of our best thinkers have set out to write articles and books that are intended to warn us and stop us from following this current digression. But there’s one book I’ve been reading lately that stands out among the rest.

The author of this book does an excellent job addressing and speaking authoritatively on many of the “hot button issues” we are facing today. For example… On the issue of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage, this author unhesitantly states that if a man, Christian or non-Christian, divorces his wife for any cause other than fornication, and marries another, he is guilty of committing adultery. His views stand in stark opposition to many of the views you hear today. On the issue of the New Testament Church, this author boldly affirms there is one and only one church. He states that the church cannot fellowship the denominational world, and even denies that there are sincere, devout, knowledgeable Christians in all the denominations. On the issue of Mechanical Instrumental Music, this author states that we must have biblical authority for all that we say or do. Therefore, he contends that the use of mechanical instruments of music in Christian worship is sinful since they are unauthorized in the New Testament. And on the issue of Salvation by Grace, this author contends that a man is saved by God’s grace, but not by grace alone. There are works involved in a man’s salvation. Though man’s works do not earn his salvation, this author contends that they play a role in receiving his salvation. Anyway, this is just a sampling. There are many more interesting things this book has to say about our present concerns, but I want you to read them for yourself. If you would like a copy of this book, we have several copies available in our church library. However, I suspect you may already have a copy of your own. You see, the book to which I am referring is the Bible, and the author is God. If you want to read a good book, I have one to suggest!


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