How The Ads Should Read, By L.O. Sanderson

If the places that sell whiskey would tell the truth in their advertising, the ads would read something like this:

“Wanted — one hundred new customers, as most of our old ones have dropped out. Ten committed suicide; twenty are in jail; fifteen are in the poor house; one was electrocuted for murder; three are in the mental hospital; and the rest are broke. We must have new customers — young, fresh, and strong for they will not live to stay with us long. Come to see us. We have brands that will cause you to disgrace your family, paralyze your mind, warp your body, and lose your friends.”

Brother Gary Colley, of Memphis, Tennessee has added;

“The same might be written to the poor souls who have a gambling problem, who spend their

hard-earned money thinking that someday they will hit the jackpot!

As used to be seen on the railroad crossings, we need to ‘STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN!’ ”

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