“CHURCHED TO DEATH” —– Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

A lady of our acquaintance once complained that the leadership of the congregation where she attended was seeking to “church” the members to death. She resented the fact that her presence was expected for three hours on the Lord’s Day and one hour on Wednesday night or a total of four hours each week. After all, this consumed about 2.3 per cent of her week! During gospel meeting time she was expected to give nearly ten hours and that amounted to almost 6 per cent of her week. Seemingly, worship to her was irksome, tedious and boring and she felt like such emphasis just “churched” people to death.

But those who are glad to worship Jehovah God in the beauty of holiness find genuine delight in such spiritually stimulating services. By God’s amazing grace such can “church” them toward eternal life and the thought of being “churched” to death is no part of their Christian thinking. A good many professors of the Christian religion need to overhaul radically their attitudes toward the worship of God Almighty. They need to sit at John’s feet and read again what heaven will be like. Heaven will be worshipping and serving God.

via Ripley Beacon, Ripley Church of Christ, Ripley, TN


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