The Infallibility Of The Bible, By Ron Boatwright

There have been many attacks on the Bible down through the ages because the Bible condemns too much of what men love to do. Without the Bible one can do virtually anything he wants to do. Man wants to live as he pleases without being accountable to God. Many want to live as though there is no God. Continue reading “The Infallibility Of The Bible, By Ron Boatwright”

Your Soul And God’s Word, by Preston Silcox

Man is a dual being, consisting of a mortal body and an immortal soul (cf. Matt.10:28). While many spend great amounts of time, money, and energy caring for the body, relatively few focus on the condition of the soul. Since this latter part of man is the more valuable (Matt. 16:26), would it not be wise to focus the majority of attention and actions on it? Continue reading “Your Soul And God’s Word, by Preston Silcox”

Reasons to Not Use Profanity

Profanity has become so common that many no longer consider it objectionable. It is printed in papers, used on camera, spoken in mixed company by both sexes, and used in the presence of children, as if God does not object. He does. God’s name is not to be treated irreverently. Continue reading “Reasons to Not Use Profanity”