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Does The Bible Contain The Word of God Or Is It Yhe Word of God? – Garland Robinson

People often talk about the Bible containing the Word of God. This is true in one sense, the Word of God is found in the Bible. However, this statement does not go far enough! To simply say that the Bible “contains the Word of God” does not exclude the Bible from containing something other than God’s Word. Continue reading


Let’s Use Visible Reminders, by Mike Riley

Let’s Use Visible Reminders by Mike Riley‎

There is a growing number of health-conscious folks who are discovering that wearing a pedometer helps them increase their level of daily exercise. This step-counting device is both a recorder and a motivator for them. Knowing how many steps they take per outing, encourages them to walk more. Continue reading

A Tribute to the Bible?

The Bible is no ordinary book. It may affect us in one of two ways: properly studied and applied, it will affect us for good in time and eternity; improperly handled, it will cause one to lose one’s soul. Continue reading