What is to be Our Rule of Faith? By, Garland M. Robinson

All people have a rule of faith they follow, whether religious or otherwise. Denominational churches are most often arranged in hierarchical structures. Compliance to “headquarters” is an absolute must. There are councils, synods, conferences and conventions. They have creed books, manuals and disciplines. With some, the Bible is relegated to 2nd or 3rd place or even further down the line of authority. What about the church you attend? Continue reading “What is to be Our Rule of Faith? By, Garland M. Robinson”

The Correct Translation Of The Bible, by Gary Colley

Every Bible student knows that no specific translation is specified in the Scriptures.   However this does not mean that there are not some guidelines for us to follow in choosing the proper translation of the Bible.  Not all books which have the word “Bible” on the front can be trusted to give us the Truth that is able to make us free (Jn.8:31-32).

Continue reading “The Correct Translation Of The Bible, by Gary Colley”

What’s Your Bible IQ?

By Steve Higginbotham

How well can you do on this brief, five-question quiz?

 Who was rebuked by Jesus for caring more about temporal things than eternal things?

 To whom did Jesus offer “living water” that would cause one to never again thirst?

 Which disciple was given a second chance to follow Jesus after denying him?

 Who postponed obedience to Christ by procrastinating for a “more convenient season?”

 Who was the captive who gained his freedom in exchange for Jesus’ death? Continue reading “What’s Your Bible IQ?”