A Man Who Loved Money: A Story About The Rich Young Ruler (for children)

This is a 4 minute video for young children. It is a narrated Bible story with valuable lessons. Please show this to your children, grandchildren, etc. (I enjoyed viewing it myself). You can also forward a link to them so they can watch it on their own. This version is published by World Video Bible School. A paper copy (and other books like this) can be purchases from Apologetics Press.

Note – World Video Bible School has a lot of material by members of the church of Christ on YouTube which can be viewed at no charge. You will also find material on YouTube from Polishing the Pulpit and Apologetics Press

Do Children Bother You When You Preach?

On occasion, I am asked the questions, “Can you really see what is going on in the pews?” And, “Do babies and little children bother you when you are preaching?”

The answers to these two questions are yes and no. Yes, I can see what is going on. No, the children do not bother me. Continue reading “Do Children Bother You When You Preach?”

What Do You Expect Out of Your Children?

School children were used for an experiment in education.

The children in three groups were equally average students. Controllers of the study made a significant change, though. They placed the three groups with three different teachers and told each teacher the status of the students. Continue reading “What Do You Expect Out of Your Children?”