Is The Rod Of Correction Likely To Warp A Child’s Personality? By Garland M. Robinson

One of the grave problems in America today is that the “rod of correction” is not used enough! I am certainly not referring to child abuse. Child abuse occurs when “in anger” or “ill will” one unduly hurts or harms a child to cause injury. I have no patience with anyone that would harm or abuse a child in any way.       Continue reading “Is The Rod Of Correction Likely To Warp A Child’s Personality? By Garland M. Robinson”

Consider the Children

Children are precious. The Psalmist wrote, “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” (Psalm 127:3). Children are brought into this world through no decision of their own. Yet many are abused, used as pawns, neglected, denied, and betrayed. Dr. R. F. Hertz, a British author and psychologist, engaged in a research project of wide interest. He asked almost 100,000 children, between 8 and 14 and from all walks of life in 24 countries, to make a list of ten rules of BEHAVIOR OF PARENTS. Here is the list the majority of children voted for: Continue reading “Consider the Children”

101,388 Hours

From the time children are born until they reach age 18, they are awake 118,260 hours (allowing eight hours for sleep a night). Out of that 118,000 hours, approximately 15,000 hours are spent in public school, and—if they never missed a Sunday or Wednesday church class—in their lives, 1,872 hours are spent in Bible classes. That leaves 101,388 waking hours that they are under parental supervision. Continue reading “101,388 Hours”