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Finding Fault

Sid and Barney head out for their usual 9 holes. Sid says, “Let’s make the time worth the while, at least for one of us, and bet $5 on the lowest score for the day.” Barney agrees and they enjoy a great game. After the 8th hole, Barney is ahead by one stroke, but hits his ball into the rough on the 9th. Continue reading


You Preach First

The first sermon preached each Sunday is not by the minister, but by you.

You preach a message of good cheer when you say “good morning” to those you meet as you are parking, or in the hallway and classrooms. You preach a message of “welcome!” when you slide over in the pew instead of forcing others to squeeze in front of you. You preach a message of hope and joy when you sing enthusiastically during the service. Continue reading

How to Be Healthier and Better Looking

We have all had those times when we looked in the mirror and have been unimpressed with what we saw. So here are some simple tips to become much healthier and better looking. Continue reading