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Fiery Darts

THERE WERE THREE types of arrows used by the military of New Testament times. First, there were plain arrows that were similar to the arrows that one would shoot from a bow today. Next, there were arrows that were dipped into tar, set on fire, and then shot through the air. Continue reading


George And The Dragon

A weary beggar approached a roadside inn that wore the name, “George and the Dragon.” Knocking on the office door, he was met by a hateful and bitter woman who screamed for him to leave the property. Continue reading

New Year Begins Anytime

One November we ordered a new automobile, which did not arrive until the new year. As we cleaned out the old car, I muttered, “How did we accumulate so much junk?” We sorted through old maps, dried-up ballpoint pens, outdated addresses and loose coins. Continue reading