Reasons To Not Use Profanity

Profanity has become so common that many no longer consider it objectionable. It is printed in papers, used on camera, spoken in mixed company by both sexes, and used in the presence of children, as if God does not object. He does. God’s name is not to be treated irreverently. Continue reading “Reasons To Not Use Profanity”

”Oh, My God!”

Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear someone exclaim it. You hear it at work or school, at the bank or the supermarket, and sometimes even on the church parking lot. Television, no doubt, is the chief offender, with nearly every game show, soap opera, situation comedy, prime time drama, and movie using this phrase repeatedly.

It has become a faddish and clever saying. It is used to register alarm, surprise, delight, dismay, sarcasm, and almost every kind of response. Probably some cannot imagine why. Why does, or should, this phrase grate so upon the ears of Christian people’? Continue reading “”Oh, My God!””

Cursing Can Be Good for You?, by Kris Groda

(We wonder if most of the world does not believe cursing can be of benefit since so many use foul and vulgar language?  Please read Kris Groda’s article carefully and prayerfully L.B.)

Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor, reported on April 20 that a new study revealed two things that cursing could do for folks: 1) lower levels of anxiety, and 2) an “artfully placed curse word” can promote bonding in the workplace. Are stress relief and camaraderie at work good enough reasons? No doubt some will feel justified in their actions now. Continue reading “Cursing Can Be Good for You?, by Kris Groda”