What Do You Do With Young Folks?

Ignore them . . . and they will likely go away. Some return in later years to love the Lord, but most drift through life toward perdition.

Entertain them . . . and we will produce a group that stays long enough to empty the punch bowl and clean up the sandwich tray. Continue reading “What Do You Do With Young Folks?”

Genericided Christianity

By becoming too well-known a product can lose its distinctiveness. The Trademark Association calls this problem “genericide.” Marlin Connelly gives some examples:

*All facial tissue is called “Kleenex;”

*Any gelatin dessert is “jello,”

*Any clear, sticky tape is “scotch tape,”

*Any carbonated drink is a “coke,”

*Any adhesive bandage is a “band-aid.”

This has happened to the words “Christian” and “Christianity.” Continue reading “Genericided Christianity”