What About The Hen?

Sometime back some young fellow objected to the biblical account of creation, and informed an aged sister that he no longer accepted the Bible as true; he no longer believed in heaven; he had come to the conclusion that all matters are the result of evolutionary processes. This sister said to him that while she lacked his education opportunities, she would like to ask him a question or two: Would he please explain to her, which came first, the hen, or the egg? Continue reading “What About The Hen?”

Can Atheists Know That God Does Not Exist? by Garland M. Robinson

No, atheists cannot know that God does not exist. They claim they know there is no God — that God does not exist! But how do they know that? Where is the evidence that proves beyond a doubt that there is no God? All they can offer is their own assumption because they refuse to accept God’s counsel. Continue reading “Can Atheists Know That God Does Not Exist? by Garland M. Robinson”

The Testimony of an Ancient Tunnel by John Moore

The water was cold and the tunnel was small’ so small that I walked for almost half of the way, hunched over and with shoulders touching each side of the tunnel wall. The tunnel traversed from left to right for over 580 yards until I once again saw the precious light of day. It was a walk through history that has been forever imprinted upon my mind. Continue reading “The Testimony of an Ancient Tunnel by John Moore”