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God Always Has An Answer

[Currently we are meeting at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning for worship.  There are no other weekly services at this time due to the corona virus.]

It is easy to get discouraged when things go wrong, but we must not lose heart.

God is at work in the world, even in the midst of pain and trial. The next time your world is burning down, remember that it just may be a smoke signal to summon help. God has a positive answer for any negative thought we have:

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Salvation and Faith, Jim Dearman


George Barna is founder and president of the Barna Research Group. Just a few years ago this research group took an annual survey of American values and religious views across the United States. From the data, Barna put out a book by the title, What Americans Believe. If you have ever doubted the effect that Satan has on our country, then pay close attention to the statistics quoted from his survey. There were two survey questions that revealed startling information concerning the beliefs of most (and I emphasize most) Americans. Continue reading