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Good Advice From An Undertaker, By Mike Riley

There’s a funeral director in a small Michigan town who has overseen some 5,000 burials over a period of 25 years. He was asked by a local reporter how his experience had shaped his thinking in resolving conflicts with others. He responded, “It tends to make me want to resolve conflicts a little quicker, because I’ve seen people go off to work who didn’t come home.” Continue reading

Free From A Past Failure

“Benedict Arnold” has become a byword in the English language. John Mark almost made such a name for himself—the name “quitter.” He was the one who turned back from following Paul on his first missionary journey (Acts 15:36–40). Continue reading

“How Oft Shall My Brother Sin against me, And I Forgive Him?”- Sermon on PowerPoint and pdf

Forgiveness – how often – PowerPoint

Forgiveness – how often – pdf