Rules for Happy Living, By Paul Sain

Do you desire a “Happy Life”? Follow these rules and you will enjoy happiness that cannot be found in things of this world.

1. Count your blessings, not your troubles.

Though we have problems in this life, we are still richly blessed. The plaque on the wall stated, “I grumbled and complained because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.”

2. Live one day at a time. Regardless of what Satan may throw at you, it can be handled “one day at a time” (Jam. 4:13-15). You can control and conquer if you will take on the obstacles a day at a time. Continue reading “Rules for Happy Living, By Paul Sain”

Adult Language, by B. B. Bristow

 Some TV programs that are filled with sin are prefaced with these words: Warning: program contains adult language. Viewers discretion advised.” What are they really saying? What is adult language? In their thinking, it is all right for adults to hear and use all kinds of filthy language, but this warning is to protect the children until they are old enough to do the same! Isn’t the devil shrewd in his approach to sin?


     After we have reached adulthood, we should still be mature enough to use language that is pure, meaningful, and edifying. We should be old enough to know that we should not use the name of God in vain since He is our Creator, sustainer, and the One who will judge our final destiny (Acts 17:31). Continue reading “Adult Language, by B. B. Bristow”

Does the Bible Offer Hope for Depression? By Bob Pritchard

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 Depression is perhaps the most common emotional problem that we face today. Experts suggest as many as one out of five Americans experience severe depression some time during their lives, and depression may be the most common health problem for women. Symptoms of depression include apathy, insomnia, difficulty in concentrating, and a general loss of interest in life. Severely depressed people may become suicidal, violent, or completely withdrawn. Depression has always been a problem for mankind. Continue reading “Does the Bible Offer Hope for Depression? By Bob Pritchard”