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Purpose of Preaching – Sermon on PowerPoint

Purpose of preaching



Our report this month is taken from the active life of our beloved Rue Porter. In March of 1954 while Uncle Rue was traveling in his work he came upon a Roman Catholic Bishop in a rail-road depot and visited with him for about twenty minutes. The Bishop told Rue of his work and when brother Porter told him that he was a preacher too, the Bishop asked, “But where are your clergyman’s clothes?” Continue reading

How to Get Something Out of the Sermon

How much do you get out of the preaching you hear each week? The word “sermon” is derived from a Latin word which means “a stab or a thrust.” It is also a relationship between the preacher and the listener. The preacher must spend considerable time in sermon preparation, in prayer and in conditioning his own heart to deliver God’s word. Nevertheless, if the sermon is to be helpful and effective, it requires some input on the part of the listener. Some things are necessary for the listener to do if he is to benefit from a sermon. Continue reading