What About Preachers/Teachers Using Material Writtten By Others?

 “All great preachers use the sermons of others.  They are stimulated and encouraged by hearing and reading them.  It is not originality we need today—it is the gospel of Christ.  Give us men with souls on fire with the old time message—men who are neither ashamed nor afraid to preach the truth-and the world will be stirred again.” (Foreword written by George W. DeHoff, Sermon Outlines on The Restoration Plea, by C.C. Crawford, DeHoff Publications, 1956)

 It helps preachers/teachers to read the articles, Bible lessons and sermons of other preachers and teachers.  When we read the material of others we want to learn the message they are presenting as well as look for points that will help us in our preaching and teaching. Continue reading “What About Preachers/Teachers Using Material Writtten By Others?”