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Seven Rules For Growing Christians

Don’t neglect your prayer time. It is the breath of the soul (Luke 18:1). Don’t neglect your Bible. It is your sword for conquest, your hammer for construction, your guiding light for dreary days (Revelation 1:3). Don’t neglect your body. … Continue reading

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The Bumps Are What You Climb On

A little boy was leading his sister up a rather difficult mountain trail. She complained, “Why, this isn’t a path at all, it’s all rocky and bumpy.” Her brother replied, “Sure, the bumps are what you climb on.” That’s a … Continue reading

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Fruitful in the land of Affliction

The people who consistently manifest the greatest joy are those who refuse to be discouraged by their circumstances. Someone has said, “If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.” Charles Goodyear’s lemon was a prison sentence, resulting from a contempt … Continue reading

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