Fruitful in the land of Affliction

The people who consistently manifest the greatest joy are those who refuse to be discouraged by their circumstances. Someone has said, “If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”

Charles Goodyear’s lemon was a prison sentence, resulting from a contempt of court citation. While in prison, Goodyear became an assistant in the kitchen, and while there, he continued to work on an idea. In the process, he discovered a method for vulcanizing rubber. His lemon, a prison sentence, became our lemonade. He produced better tires which meant better travel and a better way of life. Continue reading “Fruitful in the land of Affliction”

The Orchard of Your Life, Tom Moore

A grapevine is a most productive plant. Spreading out its branches, each is intended to bring forth fruit. No vine grower is foolish enough to invest his time and effort in cultivating vines merely for the foliage on its branches. He looks for results. Fruits! Continue reading “The Orchard of Your Life, Tom Moore”

Racial Prejudice In Oklahoma

Sadly, we have been following the news about the terrible incident involving the fraternity at the University of Oklahoma.  University President David Boren had a swift response to this shameful incident and we applaud him for his courage and conviction in this matter.   Oklahoma’s Governor, Mary Fallin, made a statement supporting David Boren and condemning this terrible incident.  We are thankful for her firm stand against such outrageous conduct!

We appreciate all who stand against racial prejudice in whatever form it takes. Continue reading “Racial Prejudice In Oklahoma”