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When I Find Time

The most valuable commodity you’ll ever have in this world is TIME.

It is a commodity of equal amounts: 168 hours each week. We waste time, and kill time; we say that time flies, we’re short on time, I wish I had more time, it’s time to go, take all the time you need, and we’re running out of time. We even start a story with, “Once upon a time . . .” Continue reading

Must We Give Thanks If We Are In Difficult Circumstances? By Bob Prichard

When the world seems to be closing in on us, or when we feel like we have our backs up against the wall, giving thanks may be the last thing we would ever think of doing. We may reason, If I am in difficult circumstances, then I have no responsibility or need to be thankful. After all, we are to be thankful for blessings, not difficult circumstances. This reasoning is not correct, however, because all of God’s children need to be thankful. Continue reading

Bad Company

There was once a farmer who had a a real problem with crows in his corn field. Nothing he tried worked to keep them away. Even the scarecrow did not work. The man was very frustrated.

This farmer had a pet parrot that he kept inside all of the ttime. had learned to talk an- was a great source of as he was alone. One day the door was left open and the parrot flew outside.  He eventually ended up in the corn field with the crows. Continue reading