Good Reasons To Attend Every Service

An elderly lady, dreadfully crippled with arthritis, used to hobble painfully to church services on two crutches. It was an agonizing ordeal for her. Someone in the congregation asked her how she managed to be at every service. Her answer was, “My heart gets there first and my legs just follow after.” Can it be that we don’t have an attendance problem so much as we have a “heart” problem? Note what our Lord said in Matthew 6:21: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Let us look at some reasons why we as Christians should attend every service: Continue reading “Good Reasons To Attend Every Service”

A Yardstick For Giving, By Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

“How much should I give?” That’s an impossible question to answer since the New Testament refuses to name a minimum. Why not give us an amount? It is probably because God knew about people. People give to the ceiling, not off the floor. If God said to give 10%, that would cap many people’s giving at 10%. Seldom do people give more than the requirement. Continue reading “A Yardstick For Giving, By Robert R. Taylor, Jr.”

“CHURCHED TO DEATH” —– Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

A lady of our acquaintance once complained that the leadership of the congregation where she attended was seeking to “church” the members to death. She resented the fact that her presence was expected for three hours on the Lord’s Day and one hour on Wednesday night or a total of four hours each week. After all, this consumed about 2.3 per cent of her week! During gospel meeting time she was expected to give nearly ten hours and that amounted to almost 6 per cent of her week. Seemingly, worship to her was irksome, tedious and boring and she felt like such emphasis just “churched” people to death. Continue reading ““CHURCHED TO DEATH” —– Robert R. Taylor, Jr.”