Free Bible Correspondence Courses by mail (For students in the United States)


The first series we offer is by John Hurt and contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1: The Old Testament

Lesson 2: The New Testament

Lesson 3: Rightly Dividing the Word

Lesson 4: Faith & Works

Lesson 5: Becoming A Christian

Lesson 6: Acceptable Worship

Lesson 7: The New Testament Church

Lesson 8: You Can Be Just a Christian

Our mailing address is: Braggs Church of Christ , PO Box 28, Braggs, OK 74423

You may email us at:

We also offer a 30  lesson series, STUDIES IN THE BIBLE. This is a good series to enroll in after completing the 8 lesson series listed above.

Lesson 01:  How We Got Our Bible Lesson 02:  Rightly Dividing the Word Lesson 03:  The Creation and Fall of Man Lesson 04:  The Patriarchs Lesson 05:  The Wilderness Wanderings Lesson 06:  The Conquest of Canaan Lesson 07:  The United Kingdom Lesson 08:  The Divided Kingdom Lesson 09:  The Poets and Prophets Lesson 10:  Jesus Christ – His Birth and Baptism Lesson 11:  Jesus Christ – His Ministry Lesson 12:  Jesus Christ – His Teaching Lesson 13:  The Crucifixion of Christ Lesson 14:  The Resurrection of Christ Lesson 15:  Sin and Its Consequences Lesson 16:  Jesus Christ – God’s Cure for Sin Lesson 17:  The Two Covenants Lesson 18:  The Establishment of the Church Lesson 19:  Paul’s Missionary Journeys Lesson 20:  New Testament Conversions Lesson 21:  Saving Faith Lesson 22:  Scriptural Baptism Lesson 23:  The Epistles Lesson 24:  Religious Authority Lesson 25:  The Church – Its Names and Unity Lesson 26:  The Church – Its Worship and Financing Lesson 27:  The Church – Its Organization and Work Lesson 28:  The Holy Spirit Lesson 29:  The Second Coming of Christ Lesson 30:  Eternal Punishment and Reward


5 Responses to Free Bible Correspondence Courses by mail (For students in the United States)

  1. Nathaniel Annan Dadson says:

    In need of a HOLY BIBLE and other books and courses for knowledge and growth in Christ JESUS.

  2. Naphtali Amoh Dadson says:

    Prince Emmanuel School Complex
    P.O.BOX 36

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am very delighted to write to you this religious letter.
    I am a child of God; a Christian but I attend Church without a HOLY BIBLE. I inquired from my friend and by God’s grace one of them gave me your address.
    So I decided to write so that you can help me with it.
    I would be very grateful if you can help me know more about Christ Jesus.
    Yours faithfully
    Naphtali Amoh Dadson.

  3. Melody Harmsen says:

    Want 2 learn bible
    Please send us your mailing address and we will enroll you in the Bible study course.


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