Free Bible Correspondence Courses by mail (For students in the United States)


The first series we offer is by John Hurt and contains the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: The Old Testament
  • Lesson 2: The New Testament
  • Lesson 3: Rightly Dividing the Word
  • Lesson 4: Faith & Works
  • Lesson 5: Becoming A Christian
  • Lesson 6: Acceptable Worship
  • Lesson 7: The New Testament Church
  • Lesson 8: You Can Be Just a Christian

Our mailing address is: Braggs Church of Christ , PO Box 28, Braggs, OK 74423

You may email us at:

As a second study we offer another eight lesson series, BACK TO THE BIBLE. 

Lessons in this series are:

  • The Patriarchal Age
  • The Mosaic Age
  • The Christian Age
  • When, Where and Why The Church Began
  • What Must I Do To Be Saved?
  • Church Organization
  • The Importance Of Worship
  • The Importance Of Christian Living

5 thoughts on “Free Bible Correspondence Courses by mail (For students in the United States)

  1. In need of a HOLY BIBLE and other books and courses for knowledge and growth in Christ JESUS.

  2. Prince Emmanuel School Complex
    P.O.BOX 36

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am very delighted to write to you this religious letter.
    I am a child of God; a Christian but I attend Church without a HOLY BIBLE. I inquired from my friend and by God’s grace one of them gave me your address.
    So I decided to write so that you can help me with it.
    I would be very grateful if you can help me know more about Christ Jesus.
    Yours faithfully
    Naphtali Amoh Dadson.

  3. Want 2 learn bible
    Please send us your mailing address and we will enroll you in the Bible study course.


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