Backsliding Preventives

I have read numerous articles and sermon outlines dealing with this topic.  The following is a simple outline and one that is easy to remember.  I think I first read these particular points from material written by Fred E. Dennis.

1. Every day say something to God.  This refers to our  prayer life (1 Th. 5:17-18; Js. 5:16; Heb. 4:16; Lk. 11:1). Continue reading “Backsliding Preventives”

The Importance of Baptism, Gary Colley

We will not live long enough to know everything in the world, but we should seek to know the book called the Bible, which tells us of our origin, duty, and destiny. We can know the Truth because Jesus said we can (John 8:31-32). To know the Truth delivers us from sin, error, false teachers, vain worship, God’s wrath, and many other important things. No other book in the world can promise such wonderful blessings! The Bible is God’s written revelation to lost man, and promises to furnish completely our needs for salvation (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Continue reading “The Importance of Baptism, Gary Colley”

Father, Forgive Them

The greatest sinners may, through Christ, hope to find mercy. Even for His persecutors and murderers, He prayed, ‘Father, forgive them.’ On the Day of Pentecost some of these very people were forgiven by this very God (Acts 2:22, Acts 2:37-38, Acts 2:41). Continue reading “Father, Forgive Them”