What is to be Our Rule of Faith? By, Garland M. Robinson

All people have a rule of faith they follow, whether religious or otherwise. Denominational churches are most often arranged in hierarchical structures. Compliance to “headquarters” is an absolute must. There are councils, synods, conferences and conventions. They have creed books, manuals and disciplines. With some, the Bible is relegated to 2nd or 3rd place or even further down the line of authority. What about the church you attend? Continue reading “What is to be Our Rule of Faith? By, Garland M. Robinson”

Is It Possible To communicate With The Dead? – By, Garland Robinson

Many people believe it is possible. There are even those who make a living by attempting to do it. However, the Bible gives no evidence of the living communicating with the dead. On the contrary, it indicates it is not possible. Continue reading “Is It Possible To communicate With The Dead? – By, Garland Robinson”

Things Of Success For The Christian

There are those of the world who think the Christian is foolish for serving Christ.  They think those of us who teach, preach, and write about the blessings of Christians, and the unsearchable riches of Christ (Eph.3:8), to be exaggerating.  These generally have never read the Bible through, they have not seen first hand the life that Christians live, nor obeyed any of the Lord’s commands, either primary or life commands (Rom.8:1-2). Continue reading “Things Of Success For The Christian”