More On Anger

I made some brief comments on anger in an earlier article.  Of course there is much more that needs to be said.  The following article is taken from Bob Winton’s Outlined Commentary On Ephesians.  He makes some excellent points about this topic:

Eph. 26-27: “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil.” a. The text “is not an exhortation to be angry, neither is it a prohibition to be angry. Anger is not necessarily sinful” (Lipscomb, p.87). There is such a thing as righteous indignation; this is anger that is directed toward sin and error, and is controlled by the gospel. Continue reading

We’re All Sinners”, Bill Jackson

It is in the last ten years or so that we have been hearing more and more of the brethren speak of “our being sinners” just as those in sectarianism are sinners. But, the point being made, as has been demonstrated over and over again, is that we have no right to call anything error, no right to identify one as a false teacher, no right to point to any corruption of God’s order, because “we are sinners, and they are sinners, and sinners should not sit in judgment upon other sinners.” That very philosophy is right out of denominationalism, where all agreed that anything goes, and “none of us will criticize the other.” Continue reading


The following points are adapted from an article by Bobby Key which appeared in The Four State Gospel News, Feb. 1984. 

 1. Don’t ever provoke anger needlessly.  Avoid people and situations that make you angry (Ps. 37:8)

2. Never make an important decision when angry.  It’s impossible to be logical in such situations.

3. Don’t talk when angry!  Words spoken in anger become two-edged sword which cut both ways.  One sister in Christ told me that her grandfather used to say, “The least said the easiest mended”.  It is best to hold our tongue when feeling anger (Proverbs 29:20; 15:1; Eccl. 7:9; Eph. 4:26).

 4. Don’t go to bed angry.  You won’t sleep well.

 5. Pray!  The surest way of killing bitterness and anger is to pray for the person you are tempted to hate (1 Tim. 2:8; Rom. 12:19-21).

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Leon Brashear