By What Means Can We Know That God Exists? by Mike Riley

 A querist asks, “By what means can we know that God exists and thus come to know and understand Him? There are only two ways or means by which man can come to a knowledge of God’s existence: Continue reading

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Back To The Bible, by Johnny Ramsey

Jesus tells us in John 8:32 and 17:17 of the necessity and glory of Truth in the divine realm. We must know the Word of God if we would truly be free. One of the besetting sins of modern society is a lack of knowledge in the Bible’s contents. Continue reading

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 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). This is the first verse in the Bible.

• All things begin with God.
• The Bible begins with God.
• A study of the Bible must also begin with God, for the Bible is God’s book. Continue reading

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