The Unvarnished Truth

Here is one more piece of evidence that the Bible is the inspired word of God.  This article was written by L.R. Wilson.

The stories of good men like Abraham, Moses and David are delineated in the Bible without any effort whatever to eulogize them.
When Abraham misled Pharaoh concerning his wife, the incident is repeated just as it happened (Gen. 12:14-20). When Moses killed an Egyptian and buried him and was forced to flee from Egypt, the story is faithfully recorded (Ex. 2:11-22). Continue reading

God’s One Way For All


The Ark And The Church

Over the years I have used some of the Type – Antitype lessons found in the Scriptures.  Type -Antitype is where something  in the Old Testament prefigured something in the New Testament.  
The link is to a chart by Donnie Barnes on THE ARK & THE CHURCH

The Ark and the Church