Searching For Truth DVD And Study Guide – Free


Buscando-la-Verdad-Program-500x281    ASL-Searching-for-Truth-Program-500x281


This DVD is produced by World Video Bible School and has six lessons.  1) The Truth  2) About The Creator  3) About Authority 4) About The Church  5) About The House Of God 6) About Baptism


Search For Truth Study Guide

The study guide  “is the word-for-word text of the Searching For Truth DVD. Within each chapter, there are main discussion questions. After each main question, there is a Section Review with 8 – 10 questions, along with Decision Points and Talking Points for consideration. There is also a Chapter Review at the end of each chapter with additional Focus Questions and Things You Should Know. Following the Chapter Review is a Digging Deeper section. This section of 1 to 2 pages covers other verses on the subject not used in the text, and more questions regarding those verses. This is a very practical study guide. It can be used in a Bible class, or given to family, friends and coworkers as a standalone study book.” (Quote from WVBS website)

Here is information on how to contact the Braggs church of Christ.

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