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A Womans Choice — Pregnancy Decisions

Unexpected pregnancy – what are your choices?  Click the link to find the answer!

The Most Dangerous Place in America, By David Costello

 (This appeared in the POWER Journal sometime in the mid 1990’s – I do not remember the exact date.  This is an excellent article on abortion – please read it while keeping in mind God’s view on the sanctity of life! Also keep in mind the time when this article was written.  Things are much worse today – because abortion still stands as “legal” in our nation.  L.B.)


Kids in grade school are caught bringing guns and knives to school.  There are gangs at the Junior and Senior High. We often hear reports where men and women did not escape death from a drive-by shooting. There is fussing, feuding, and fighting everywhere. But have you ever wondered where the most dangerous place on earth is? Continue reading

Sentence Sermons

Ability without ambition is like a car without a motor.

Abortion  It is a sick society where babies are as disposable as diapers.

Action ” I must do something”” will always solve more problems than “”Something must be done.”