The Washing Away of Sins, By Raymond Kelcy

No person who believes the Bible would deny that there is a definite connection between the blood of Christ and our salvation. His blood was shed for the remission of sins. (Matt. 26: 28). We were redeemed with the pre­cious blood of Christ. (1 Peter 1:18­-19). We have redemption through his blood. (Eph. 1 :7). The blood of God’s Son cleanseth us from all sin. (1 John 1:7). There is no remission apart from the shedding of blood. (Heb. 9:22). Continue reading “The Washing Away of Sins, By Raymond Kelcy”

Marshall Keeble on baptism

Water is important in a man’s life. God created water first, then He created man out of dust. Without water, dust wouldn’t stick. There is power in the water.

There’s water in a car. There’s power in that water. If you don’t believe it, try going home without it in the radiator and you’ve got a burnt up car. Now, try to get a man to go to Heaven without water and you’ve got burnt up man. Try going to Heaven without water, and you’ve got a burnt up church. Continue reading “Marshall Keeble on baptism”

A Burial That Blesses

A man opened a new business and his best friend sent him a floral arrangement. The friend dropped by a few days later and was sorry to see the flowers had a card that read, “Rest In Peace.” He called the florist to complain, and the florist said, “It could be worse. Somewhere in this city is an arrangement in a cemetery that reads, “Congratulations On Your New Location.” Continue reading “A Burial That Blesses”