Curiosity About the Bible

Curiosity is an exciting aspect of life. Parents love to see their children explore and discover their world. Likewise, teachers enjoy seeing students come to class with curiosity and a hunger for learning. Curiosity about the Bible is expected and natural as well. Who can help but be moved to seek answers to questions about a book that claims to be “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3 :16, 17)?

As is the case with curiosity in general, curiosity about the Bible has healthy and unhealthy aspects. Let’s think about those for just a few minutes. Continue reading “Curiosity About the Bible”

How to Settle It

When people disagree about how many ounces or pounds something weighs, they can settle the matter by using SCALES … the standard of authority. When people disagree about the length of a piece of lumber, they can resolve the disagreement by using a MEASURING TAPE … the standard of authority. When people disagree about what is right and wrong in religious matters, they should settle the matter by using the BIBLE … the standard of authority.

Heart To HeartHouse to House Heart to Heart David Sain Volume 7/Number 6 Page 7

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” -Jn. 17:17