[This article was published in 1949.  As the authors indicate it is written in condensed form.  It is well worth reading and studying today.  As you read the article please think about how it relates to our world today. – L.B.]

One great need of the world is a greater faith in the Bible as the word of God. The reason some are weak in faith is not a lack of evidence, but because men’ are ignorant of the evidence. Just a few reasons why the Bible is a divine Book will be offered here in a condensed form.

1. There Is But One Bible.

This fact in itself is significant. If the Bible is a human book, why have not more books of a similar character been produced? It is a great seller. More Bibles are sold than any other book in the world. It is published in more languages than any other book in the world. Continue reading “THE BIBLE A REVELATION FROM GOD”