Three Gardens and Three Trees

What’s the Bible all about? What’s its major theme? If you were to write a Cliff Notes on the Bible, and be as brief as possible, what would you say about it?

Well, at least one concise way to sum up the story of the Bible requires only five words. They are: Three Gardens and Three Trees. Continue reading “Three Gardens and Three Trees”

Divine GPS

Shelby and I both purchased new GPS devices over the holidays. For anyone who doesn’t know, GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System. The device receives a signal from a number of satellites and can tell you exactly where you are. GPS devices for automobiles are programmed with maps of highways and streets, as well as various points of interest: restaurants, retail stores, schools, even the location of every Baskin-Robbins in the country!

I used my GPS while traveling last week, even though I knew the way. Before I left, I entered the address and then set off on my journey. The GPS had a specific route in mind, but it wasn’t the one I wanted to take. Continue reading “Divine GPS”