Confirmed Again

In Psalm 8, David extols the glory of Jehovah, and he marvels that God has been so mindful of man as to place the creation under his dominion. The context stresses man’s responsibility over the earth.

In discussing some of earth’s creatures, of which man is in charge, the writer mentions, ‘whatsoever passes through the paths of the seas’ (Psalm 8:8). This expression is interesting because the phrase contains a precise fact about the seas that David, whose experience was limited to a tiny country on the Mediterranean coast, could never have known from firsthand information.

It was not until the mid-nineteenth century that the discovery was made regarding currents (literally ‘paths’) in the sea. Continue reading “Confirmed Again”

All Human Knowledge On Your Ipod

It’s enough to make a booklover smile and cry at the same time.

In Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, Kevin Kelly wrote about the contemporary quest for the “universal library” – a collection of all the works ever created – now made possible through the use of digital media. He writes:

  • “From the days of Sumerian clay tablets till now, humans have `published’ at least 32 million books, 750 million articles and essays, 25 million songs, 500 million images, 500,000 movies, 3 million videos, TV shows, and short films, and 100 billion public web pages. All this material is currently contained in all the libraries and archives of the world.

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How to Settle It

When people disagree about how many ounces or pounds something weighs, they can settle the matter by using SCALES … the standard of authority. When people disagree about the length of a piece of lumber, they can resolve the disagreement by using a MEASURING TAPE … the standard of authority. When people disagree about what is right and wrong in religious matters, they should settle the matter by using the BIBLE … the standard of authority.

Heart To HeartHouse to House Heart to Heart David Sain Volume 7/Number 6 Page 7

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” -Jn. 17:17