Crisis And The Creator – A series of lessons from World Video Bible School

Crisis and the Creator

These lessons are written for your encouragement during this crisis we are experiencing around the world.  These are timely, scriptural and much needed!

During these times of crisis, the normal schedules of daily life are lost. Forced to change schedules, consider priorities, and be concerned with health, causes many to experience fear, worry, anxiety, and hopelessness. These stressful times can also cause anger, frustration, and looking for someone to blame. Where is the Creator in times of Crisis? How does pain and suffering in our world reflect on God’s goodness? In this program, these topics will be presented, addressed, and considered in light of what the Bible has to say. Through this study you will gain encouragement, hope, and peace from the fullness of God’s Word (WVBS)

Please click on this link to find lesson one and the lessons that follow.  You can watch these in the privacy of your own home and please let your family and  friends know about these lessons.

Lesson titles: 1) Do not fear 2) Mountains and valleys 3) Evil, pain and suffering

4) Crisis and stress 5) Danger of fake news — there may be other lessons added later.


God’s Tattoo

There are some cultures that encourage tattoos. These tattoos may have tribal significance. Other cultures may accept tattoos as simply pretty. And some cultures frown upon tattoos that are openly visible for all to see.

What is interesting is that God says He had a “tattoo.” In Isaiah 49:14, the people of Israel say that God has forgotten them. But God says He has not forgotten them. In verse 16 we read, “Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” God does not have physical hands. He uses this symbolism to make the point that He does not forget His people.

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