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GOD’S Beauty Shop

Make an appointment for a complete makeover. You can have a…

A FACE made to shine with wisdom (Ecclesiastes 8: 1).

LIPS made lovely by speaking no guile (1 Peter 3: 10).

EYES adorned with pity for the unfortunate (I Peter 3:8; Mat  thew 2 5:3 1 ff). Continue reading

On Being Like Jesus

*We want to be like Him as He walks on the water, but don’t want to walk the dirty floor of a poor man’s hovel.

*We would raise the dead, but will not hold the hand of the sick.

*We would turn water into wine, but will not turn our money into food, clothing, and shelter for the needy. Continue reading

The Most Important Days of Your Life

No, it isn’t the day you were born, married, your children were born, or even the day you lost someone of great importance to you. Not to minimize the significance of those days, but these three days are the same for everyone, and in many respects much more important.

The first day is yesterday (and you can now guess the other two). Continue reading