Christianity As Seen In The New Testament

Christianity, as it came from the mind of God, is clearly set forth in the New Testament.

The four gospel records—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—give us the account of the earthly life of Christ and His ministry, including His death for the sins of all mankind and His burial, resurrection, ascension, and promised second coming to receive all of His faithful followers. Continue reading “Christianity As Seen In The New Testament”

Genericided Christianity

By becoming too well-known a product can lose its distinctiveness. The Trademark Association calls this problem “genericide.” Marlin Connelly gives some examples:

*All facial tissue is called “Kleenex;”

*Any gelatin dessert is “jello,”

*Any clear, sticky tape is “scotch tape,”

*Any carbonated drink is a “coke,”

*Any adhesive bandage is a “band-aid.”

This has happened to the words “Christian” and “Christianity.” Continue reading “Genericided Christianity”

The Most Important Days of Your Life

No, it isn’t the day you were born, married, your children were born, or even the day you lost someone of great importance to you. Not to minimize the significance of those days, but these three days are the same for everyone, and in many respects much more important.

The first day is yesterday (and you can now guess the other two). Continue reading “The Most Important Days of Your Life”