Bee Sting, by Brett Petrillo

A family was casually driving around sightseeing on their vacation. It was a warm, clear, summer day and they were enjoying the breeze coming through the rolled down windows. Soon the peaceful drive was interrupted when a honeybee flew through the open windows and buzzed around the car. The young girl, allergic to bee stings, squirmed and shrieked as the bee flew close to her. She called out, “Daddy, daddy! It’s a bee! It’s going to sting me!” Continue reading “Bee Sting, by Brett Petrillo”

How Do You Spell C-R-O-S-S?


-Look at Calvary. Don’t turn away. I know it’s not easy. What is done to Him is shameful. I know. But look closely! Past the spittle. Beyond the blood. There. In His eyes. Friend, that is love. It is love for you! See the nails in His hands and feet, fastening Him to a tree He created for man’s use. Look at the love He has for you! Continue reading “How Do You Spell C-R-O-S-S?”

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross By Patrick Hogan

 Isaac Watts, who lived from 1674 to 1749 continues to influence Christians worship over 250 years after his death. During his lifetime he wrote approximately 600 hymns, many of which are still used in worship today.      In 1707, he wrote “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” Continue reading “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross By Patrick Hogan”