J O H N   W.   M O O R E 

Many of our “modern” axioms are not modern. In fact, there are many cliches and “sayings” that originate from the Bible. The axiom, “Your life is an open book” is nothing more than a rephrasing of II Corinthians 3:2: “You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men.” Truly no axiom could be as thought-provoking in aiding each of us in self-examination.
Upon contemplation of this metaphorical way to view self, one must consider what is read by others, by oneself, and especially by God about our lives. For example: Continue reading “YOUR LIFE IS AN OPEN BOOK, by John W. Moore”

A Thousand Dollars – In Quarters

Fred Craddock, in an address to preachers, caught the practical implications of consecration. “To give my life for Christ appears glorious,” he said. “To pour myself out for others … to pay the ultimate price of martyrdom-I’ll do it. Continue reading “A Thousand Dollars – In Quarters”

Marriage and Speech

It’s no secret that half of all couples who marry now find the wedding knot to be a slip knot. It’s no secret that half of those couples launching onto the sea of matrimony now end up sailing into one another. It’s no secret that any married couples who need to see a marriage counselor choose, instead, a marriage canceller. It’s no secret that many a woman who once perceived her husband as “Mr. Right” now sees him only as “Mr. Right Now.” Continue reading “Marriage and Speech”